The Van Nuys company, famous for creating the pouty and provocative dolls that challenged the leggy Barbie, is breaking ground Thursday on what will be its new headquarters in a former Los Angeles Times printing plant in Chatsworth.

When construction is completed, MGA will be at the center of an ambitious development project that will transform 24 acres into a sprawling campus in the San Fernando Valley. The campus, called 24, will include apartment buildings, office and retail space, and outdoor gathering places such as an amphitheater and a dog park.

MGA will serve as the main tenant at the converted printing press (a production company is also planning to rent part of the building, including space for a soundstage). Jason Larian and Hekmat said they will also lure other companies to open up there as well, with the goal of creating a campus that offers a wide array of housing, leisure and dining options — giving MGA employees and others an option to live mere minutes from where they work.

Source: Bratz maker’s next home: a Silicon Valley-style campus in the San Fernando Valley

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