Los Angeles Valuation Group, Inc.

was founded in 2003 by Greg Wasik (John Gregory Wasik). Mr. Wasik launched his valuation careerĀ at the

national appraisal firm Joseph J. Blake & Associates in May 1992. Mr. Wasik then moved on to Washington Mututal

where he specialized in multi-family valuations. In 2003 Mr. Wasik launched his own commercial and residential

appraisal firm and has expertise in appraising across Southern California, the SF Bay area as well as Washington, Oregon,

Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and Louisiana. Los Angeles Valuation Group has commercial and residential appraisers who each

have more than 10 years of individual experience in the industry and combined including Mr. Wasik over 100 years of

appraisal expertise. Mr. Wasik is also a licensed real estate broker with Avenue8 and the owner of the lead generation

and performance internet marketing company InterG Media.


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