Yes its true, the infamous property known as the Vineyard above Beverly Hills has just hit the market with a $1 Billion price! Yes $1 Billion!

This is of course an amazing property with 157 acres of prime vacant land with staggering views of Los Angeles.

Is it worth $1 Billion? Well if someone happens to buy it then that sets the value.

We should not the same time you can buy Paul Allen’s 120-acre lot nearby for ‘only’ $150 million!

The property is listed by Aaron Kirman who told the LA Times that he has already shown the property twice to potential buyers.

The site can be developed with multiple homes for different buyers or kept as a one of a kind trophy property for a very wealthy individual.

One interesting item of note is that per the listing broker, Victorino Noval who has been noted for years as being one of the owners of the site is said not to be involved with this deal rather his son is.

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