Years after being shuttered due to being in violation of the approval to construct a 22-story apartment building, a local judge has given approval to the CIM Group to reopen the Sunset and Gordon tower located at, appropriately enough, the corner of Sunset an Gordon in Hollywood.

The tower was shuttered soon after opening due to the approval for the project requirement that the building keep the facade of the Old Spaghetti Factory property formerly at the site as part of the new building. According to owners CIM Group, the facade could not be saved and was removed. Local neighborhood gadfly and anti-growth crusaders La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Assn. filed suit saying the certificate of occupancy should be cancelled and a local judge agreed.

Recently a new judge agreed that the tower can reopen, with the stipulation that 45 of the 299 units shall be retained for low income tenants. Previously none of the units were designated as such.

The Coalition to Preserve L.A., another local neighborhood gadfly and anti-growth crusader funded by millions of non-profit funds from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has said they may file suit again as they do not believe a proper traffic study has been completed.


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