Luxury real estate agent Nathaniel Pitchon-Getzels has attended a few garden-variety house parties — as in, the garden had a giraffe wandering through it.

These are the types of extravaganzas where the floaties in the pool are synchronized swimmers, sometimes dressed as mermaids, and Snoop Dogg himself is in the backyard dropping it like it’s hot. At one party, a Malibu homeowner entered his gala via a rope attached to a helicopter.

“These are like the wildest kids’ parties you’ve ever seen, but for adults,” Pitchon-Getzels said. “You have freedom and comfort — whatever you want to do at your house, it’s much easier to do than at an event space, where you have to worry about getting permission.”

In Los Angeles, some of the most over-the-top charity fundraisers, celebrity birthdays, concerts and awards season after-parties take place in private residential homes. Not surprisingly, the ones that boast the most jaw-dropping views and party-ready amenities are in high demand.

Searches for houses on BizBash, an online venue resource for event organizers, have surged 60% year over year, Kormanik said.

Private home event rentals in Los Angeles start at $5,000, said Martin Beaurivage, chief executive of Elite Luxury Homes. But he ballparks the average cost at $15,000 a day.

Homes that have hedges, gates and other privacy-protecting and sound-shielding features often command higher rates, he said.

The Hollywood company, which rents out private estates for short-term stays, offers one palatial villa in Malibu as an option. The villa — which boasts “secret garden nooks,” a saltwater infinity pool, a screening room, a billiards room and multiple lawns, sitting areas and dining spaces for guests to mingle — can run $200,000 for a weekend wedding, Beaurivage said.

Often, the home’s owner isn’t the one throwing the party, so a cottage industry of rental brokers has emerged to connect houses to hosts. Or real estate agents will attempt to attract buyers by holding events at properties they’ve listed.

Source: The trendiest venues for today’s extreme parties: private homes

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