The National Multi-family Housing Council announced its Rent Payment Tracker for September showed only 76.4% of US households renting apartments made a full or partial rent payment by September 6.

That number is down from 79.3% in August 2020 and is the lowest since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This decline coincides with the ending of the $600 weekly federal unemployment subsidy.

Some states have resumed giving an additional $300 per week subsidy paid for by the federal government for a limited time. This may lead to an uptick in rent collections for October 2020.

In May through September 2019, the rent collection rate was above 81% every month and below this level for 2020.

NMHC President Doug Bibby said in a statement:

“Falling rent payments mean that apartment owners and operators will increasingly have difficulty meeting their mortgages, paying their taxes and utilities and meeting payroll. [It] did nothing to help renters or alleviate the financial distress they are facing. Federal policymakers would have been better advised to continue to provide support as they successfully did through

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