This week, major LA luxury home developer Bruce Makowsky took the step of suing Zillow for $60 million over a made up sale price for his 9-figure listing in Bel Air.

Makowsky’s home, currently listed for $150 million, was shown on Zillow’s website as an available home for purchase.

Recently, someone apparently took control of the Zillow listing for this property and deliberately provided false selling prices of $90.54 million and $94.3 million as well as providing a fictional open house date.

The developer sued Zillow on the basis that whomever hijacked the listing for the property at 924 Bel Air Road caused permanent harm to the potential selling price of the property by showing it had sold at prices millions below the current asking price.

Zillow has filed a reply asking the suit be dismissed based on the Communications Decency Act which protects website operators from information posted by its users, even if not true.

The next hearing is set for June 24th.



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